Natalie was a God-send to our family

Natalie was a God-send to our family. After our former immigration attorney completely decided to drop my father’s case, Natalie did not hesitate to help us. She is professional, knowledgeable, and genuine. It is evident how much Natalie cares for her clients and does everything she can to succeed with each and every case. Thanks to Natalie, my dad was able to finally travel to Mexico and reunite with family after almost 20 years! Not only was she extremely helpful with my dad’s case, she also gave me advice on law school, since I had mentioned that I was going to be taking the LSAT and applying in the near future. On top of all of that, Natalie is simply a person who makes you feel comfortable and at ease, which is something I believe to be imperative when choosing an immigration lawyer.

Angelica H.

I appreciate all she did to get my dad a bail

Natalie is a very good lawyer.  I appreciate all she did to get my dad a bail.  Thanks so much !

Jazmin Alexis

I highly recommend her for any immigration issues

My father was having issues when dealing with his citizenship case. Natalie helped my father. She was very polite, professional, and did everything she could to help us! She helped us understand what needs to be done and was very patient. Thanks to her, my father was able to get the correct paper and he is now a US Citizen. I highly recommend her for any immigration issues; she is extremely knowledgeable!

Dalia M.

My family will be united now with your support!

En verdad ella aparecio en el momento que sentia que no encontraria opciones y me mostro un panorama favorable y acojedor, trabajo conmigo y mi familia en el caso de mi esposo y salimos vencedores porque el tener una abogada como ella es trabajar en equipo y ayudarnos mutuamente ….mi familia estara unida ahora con au apoyo…el idioma y la distancia para ella no es un limite….demostro siempre su profesionalismo….felicidades y bendiciones a usted y su equipo…
Mi hijo dice gracias por ayudar a su padre y darnos la tranquilidad necesaria….


Fontana, CA